How to put ss in your thread

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How to put ss in your thread

Post  Obolix on Wed May 28, 2008 11:45 am

A lot of you have been asking so i am going to make a tutorial on how this can be done..

1st. Take a screenshot i hope you all know how to do this by pressing the print screen and putting the image on paint.
2nd. Host the image on a hosting site a good one is image shack, However a easier way is to do it useing this website..
3rd. How to upload useing this website. Note You have to save the file in JPEG for this to work.
This shows how to save in Jpeg.
4th How to upload a image via the site continued.

These are the basic codes for this forum and make it very easy to host you click on the box borderd in red.

Now you should have an account but if you dont its easy to get Wink these are what this will look like once you have clicked on that butten.

At step 1 you log into you account, at step 2 make sure you leave the resize image to what it is Do NOT change it, press browse and find the image you want to upload.

This is the screen that will show once you have uploaded it now copy the link highligted in red

Finnaly you just post the link you got useing Cntrl +v were you want it in the forum and then it will apear like the ss's in this thread.

This is how you post screenshots on the guild forum i hope this helps,

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